Value Based Education

We believe that schools share an obligation with families to teach kids right from wrong, and that character development is an important part of schooling. We, at St. Patrick’s High School (ICSE) teach our scholars to act truthfully, with high moral character both on and off school property. Starting with adults and filtering to children, respect for others and proper behavior are taught, modeled, expected, and rewarded.

Our scholars are raised to become socially responsible citizens who will in turn give their best for the nation’s well-being. Towards this end, we aim to meet not only the physical, emotional and educational needs of children, but their spiritual needs as well.

Regular Catechism classes for all Catholic students and Value Education classes for children of all other religions, are incorporated in our curriculum.

We advocate that the God who bestows life is the only one who possesses the right to terminate it from us. We therefore teach our scholars to stand resolute in the face of adversity and never to buckle under pressure.

Project-based Learning

Our scholars learn the thrill of becoming experts in a subject through Project-Based Learning (PBL). Children have extended time to feed their curiosity in fascinating topics from a cross-disciplinary perspective - science, reading, writing, math, and art, that enhance their understanding and sustains the learning for a lifetime. Our scholars become obsessed with these topics, and that’s the idea!

Physical Education

The school stresses importance on physical fitness of the scholars. We introduce our scholars to a variety of sports - such as basketball, soccer, throw ball and volleyball - so they can find one they truly enjoy. Sports classes focus on skill development and learning the rules of the game, and each class concludes with a fun and competitive mini-match.

It is compulsory for all scholars to take up one sporting event which could be either an outdoor or indoor game unless declared unfit on medical grounds and exempted by the Principal. Due credit is given for effective participation.

Our scholars also have the opportunity to try out for our after-school sports teams. Our school participates in sports at the District, State and National levels.

Health Education

Our scholars have the opportunity to take part in regular Health Education classes to learn how to care for their bodies, the temple of the Holy Spirit, and be taught skills needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Career Guidance

The Career Guidance programs for classes IX and X provide information on the various career opportunities. Our scholars receive guidance from resource persons on important issues such as aptitude to choose subjects at the Higher Secondary levels and consequent College Education. The awareness provided about the changing scenario in National and Global trends helps them to integrate their ideas, aspirations and values.

Fine Arts

The Arts are a vital way for scholars to express themselves, develop new talents, and explore their own creativity.

In Visual Arts, scholars gain the tools they need to navigate the visual world while becoming careful observers and problem solvers. Through the use of various materials and mediums - including clay, collage, digital art/photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, and textiles - scholars gain technical skills and confidence in their ability to express themselves visually.

In Performing Arts, scholars focus on public speaking, music, dance, or theater and explore a variety of genres, styles, influences, and artists. Scholars develop their creative skills and showcase their work from performing arts classes at performances open to the entire school community.

SUPW Work (Socially Useful Productive Work)

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation recommended education through craft. He said that handicrafts must be taught not merely for production work but also for developing the intellect of pupils. Keeping this Gandhian view in mind and complying with the Council Rules, it is mandatory for all scholars of the school to take active part in SUPW and Community Service. We have trained teachers to guide our students with their creative talents in their SUPW periods.

Picnics, excursions & educational tours:

Patrician scholars make connections between classroom learning and the real world and broaden their knowledge, values and experience through field trips, picnics, educational tours and excursions that the school organizes during school days, weekends or vacations. These opportunities infuse joy into their school life and expose them to multi-cultural experiences.

Public speaking:

The curriculum is designed to incorporate all aspects of communication: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary and literature. The students are taught to organize their thoughts and express their views and ideas confidently. A variety of methods such as the debate, discussion, elocution and extemporaneous speaking activities are organized to hone their public speaking skills.

Co-curricular Activities

A great education consists of more than just rigorous academics. We provide numerous opportunities for scholars to explore talents and interests outside of reading, writing, math, and science. The scholars are offered a robust selection of co-curricular activities that include art, board games, traditional games, sports, dance, music or theater. We view these non-academic subjects as a critical part of learning that adds joy, builds confidence, and fosters a love of school. Scholars take up one co-curricular activity of their choice and stay in it all year long.

The school has the following CCA Clubs:


    Keyboard/ Guitar


    Craft Work

    Needle Work






    Vocal: Carnatic











    Traditional Games




    Maths Club

    Nature Club

    Jr. Red Cross

    School Band



    Table Tennis

    Volley Ball



    Foot Ball

    Basket Ball