General Regulations

Enrollment in St. Patrick’s High School (ICSE) implies willingness in parents and pupils to comply with the requirements and regulations of the School.

School Assembly

  • Students from Std I – X must attend the general assembly at 7:30 am. Students will assemble class wise and absolute silence must be maintained.
  • Students of classes LKG and UKG will say their prayers in their respective classes before they begin the day’s routine.
  • After the assembly, students will march briskly, silently and in order, to their respective classrooms. Silence must be observed throughout the teaching-learning hours and also while moving from one classroom to the other.
  • Discipline

  • Refinement of manners, uprightness and self-restraint should be the hallmark of every pupil of the school.
  • A major breach of discipline, grave misconduct of other acts of indiscipline may render a student liable for expulsion. The Principal’s decision is final in all disciplinary matters. The Conduct Certificate issued to students when leaving school will depend entirely on their behaviour during the school career.
  • Punctuality

  • Students are expected to be in school before the first bell. Disciplinary action will be taken against frequent late comers.
  • A late register will be maintained. Parents will be held responsible if their wards are late to school more than twice in a month.
  • Regularity

  • All students are expected to attend school regularly. 90% of attendance is compulsory for promotion.
  • A student’s absence from any examination will be considered as having failed, unless it is established that their absence was due to illness.
  • Attendance is compulsory on certain days of the academic year such as the non-teaching activity days like school fests, school celebration of National Festivals, beginning of the academic year, last working day of each term, re-opening day after each term break and vacation.
  • Deportment

  • Personal cleanliness as well as courteous behaviour towards the staff, visitors and fellow students is expected at all times. Hence, hands in pockets, slouching gait, untidiness, unclean uniforms etc., are considered unbecoming.
  • Conversation

  • English is the medium of instruction. Hence students are expected to speak in English at all times as long as he or she is in School Uniform whether inside or outside the school premises except when they are in vernacular classes.
  • As the medium of instruction in school is English, the children should be helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home.
  • Tuitions

  • It is a declared policy of the school to discourage private tuition because a student should be able to progress sufficiently and satisfactorily in his / her work as a result of class teaching. However, when seriously advisable, tuitions may be allowed for a limited period of time.
  • Students are not permitted to engage any of the school teachers for private tuition without the written sanction of the Principal.
  • School Property

  • Students are forbidden to write, scribble or splash ink on the school or compound walls. Damage to school property will be severely dealt with. Besides, the cost of repairs or replacement must be borne by the parents.
  • Valuables & Gadgets

  • No pupil is permitted to carry any expensive article like Mobile, Camera, Tape recorder or Walkman, CD, Jewellery etc., or any large amount of cash to the school. The School is not responsible for the loss of such valuables. Such article if confiscated and the management will not entertain any pleas for its return. The Students are responsible for the safe custody of all their books and belongings in the School.
  • Fee Regulations

    The school fees are normally collected in 3 instalments. Fees must be paid on or before:

    1st Term 1st week of June
    2nd Term 1st week of October
    3rd Term 1st week of January
  • A student joining or leaving the school in the middle of the academic year will have to pay fees for the whole year.
  • There will be a hike in fees of 10 – 15% every year.
  • Additional Fees

    Participation in age-specific competitive exams, miscellaneous field trips, Junior School picnics and outdoor education trips, special athletic/sports trips, costume and accessory costs for inter-school and intra-school culturals and special programmes, KG graduation and High School farewell are just some of the extra-curricular activities that may cost additional fees which will be collected during the course of the year.